Sunday, 24 October 2010


In preparation for Halloween, the hubby and I talked about getting a pumpkin for carving. Whereas I would’ve gotten a pumpkin the size of a basketball, the hubby went for this:


Apparently Texas isn’t the only state where things are bigger….


Look at that beautiful lopsided grin…


The hubby gets to work….


Finished. We then put it out on the doorstep. Not an hour later we had the neighbors call in for a visit after they saw our pumpkin. They loved it.



Now all we need to do is stock up on sweets and look forward to next weeks trick or treating.

Happy Halloween!!!!

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sandyroads said...

Uuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaalloween.... da kriegt man ja richtig Angst (ITS SCARY!)

Aber vielmehr wollen wir wissen: was passierte mit dem Inhalt (WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PUMPKINS BRAIN???)

Suppe? (SOUP?)

Ganz schoen anstrengend, so zweisprachig zu kommentieren... (YES)

Liebe Greetings, Viola und Michael