Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Office is Almost Done

Today we got a step closer to the office of our dreams. We hung some of the shelves and now it looks and feels almost finished. We do however plan more shelves above the ones we just hung but one step at a time.






My apologies for the picture quality. In my excitement I shot those with my iPhone instead of my lovely DSLR.


Melisa with one S said...

Aww! There's hubby!!! Miss him, and you.

Office looks GREAT, though I think I might need to visit and have a closer look at some point.

Love the pictures on the shelf...are they of New York? :)

The Wife said...

Aaaww we miss you guys too. Can't believe airfares are now half of what you paid. DISLIKE.

Wish you could come for two or three weeks, so we could go and see lots of things AAAND spend some more time together.

Why yes, yes these pictures are of New York, how did you KNOW??? Seriously though, they look great in there. I can't decide whether to hang them over our newly purchased chest of drawers in the living room or leave 'em in the office. Either way, that was a lovely gift from you ♥