Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Reason This Blog Has Been So Quiet Recently

As Viola and Michael over at Sandy Roads recently remarked on their blog, our little home-makeover-blog has been really, really quiet as of late. And right they are. Now we could come up with all sorts of excuses ranging from:

1. we have just been too busy

2. we have been too lazy

3. we have forgotten the password

4. we haven’t done anything in or around the house worth posting

but in reality,

the real reason there’s been no action on this blog

is this:



There you have it.  We are willing but the four legged freaks just wouldn’t let us ;)


sandyroads said...

thats why... nowwwwwwwww we understand :-)

The Wife said...

Isn't that the best excuse ever????? And if it isn't the best at least it is the "cutest"!