Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Waldorf and Statler Finally Have a Place to Sit…

should  they ever decide to come and visit us.

We have invested in a bench, a real pretty Oleander plant and a tiny box tree et voila – we’re ready for a little neighborly chat. Alright, alright so this bench was put up in May but news don’t travel fast if you don’t publish them :)


The bench was a real bargain. Marked down from € 98,99 to € 49,99, including the cushions and another € 10,00 off  with a coupon. So for € 39,99 you can’t go wrong really. Sometimes it does pay to read the countless free papers you get delivered to your doorstep weekly.

2011-07-10 iPhone Photos 056


sandyroads said...

somehow it looks like in germany is still april...??? :-)

btw: the design and the pictures size looks really awfull on our pc's... mixed up and too large. maybe its our pc's... or you have to adjust something somewhere :-)

the pro-bloggers from the desert

The Wife said...

I shortly reverted back to Classic templates, because Blogger was all screwed up. Now things should be back to normal. If not - let me know!

The Wife said...

And yes - the weather is more November/April like than summer. It sucks!!!!! Greetings into the desert!