Thursday, 14 January 2010

Day 17 and photo updates

Today was exciting as the workers continued to work their magic. The drywall guys finished today and the plumber started putting in the pipes etc.

Heute war aufregend. Die Trockenbauer sind fertig und der Klempner rackert fröhlich im Bad.

Hier ein paar Updates der vergangenen Tage

The ceiling in the living room after the panels were removed

Die nackte Wohnzimmerdecke nach dem Entfernen der Paneele

P1000836 Quite a difference. The radiator about half way done

Was für ein Unterschied. Die Hälfte des Heizkörpers ist gestrichen


… and finished

… und fertigP1000861 The new ceiling in the living room

Die neue Decke im Wohnzimmer


The insulation and the new rooflight in the big guest/hobbyroom

The Isolierung und das neue Dachfenster im großen Gäste/Hobbyzimmer


and in the bedroom

und im Schlafzimmer


the bathroom

das Badezimmer


This is what we found today.

Das fanden wir heute vor


Let the guests come

Lasset die Gäste kommen!


the bedroom – almost ready for sweet dreams

Das Schlafzimmer- beinah fertig zum süßen Träumen


The small bedroom is almost finished too

Das kleine Gästezimmer wird auch noch


and the heated towel rack for the new bathroom

Der Handtuchhalter fürs neue Badezimmer



Melisa with one S said...

If we start walking, we'll probably get there around the time you're all finished AND we'll save the airfare!

It's looking great!

The Wife said...

Haha yeah you better get going because right now? The workers are making huge progress ;o)

I came down with the flu on Wednesday night so am not much help but right now there is not a whole lot we can do anyway. We're just watching in awe how they do things in one day that would have taken us one week.